Friday, 4 May 2012

Exam Tips

It's coming to summer and the smell of exams is in the air. You may be thinking who am I to tell or even suggest how you should study and what to do with your exams? I'm currently in my first year of a-levels and personally, it's not going too great. I said I was going to revise 1 hour and 30 minutes ago. Instead, I watched video game reviews. So since I'm such a lazy-waste-of-space in college, I think I have enough experience to tell you what NOT to do, rather than what to do.

  • Cram
Speaking from experience, I've gotten better results when I've crammed for exams. This obviously isn't for everyone so if you haven't received positive results in the past, this is a no-no. I've found if I revise a few weeks or so before the exam, the knowledge kind of sinks out, but if I cram, it's all fresh. What I'm definitely not saying is leave looking over your notes to the day before, I just mean don't do your hardcore revision weeks in advance, it's just gonna come out of the other end....
  • Do your best in your first sets of exams
I, crap-ily, got pretty bad grades for my January exams. Now I'm resitting all of them plus my new exams. That's 8 bloody exams. Guys, just do yourself a favour and stop playing on Sims. Just open your damn book and study. Give your all now, you'll thank yourself later when you've got one success under the belt.

  •  Give yourself a break
Again, let's take a little trip down January revision memory lane. I spent most of my time revising, all that revision drained all the fun outta me and as a result I became quite depressed. What I've found in my second round is that I'm far more happier when I don't live and breathe revision. Back in January, I genuinely considered dropping out of college because I didn't see the point in anything, exams, university, jobs etc. You don't want to be in that place, it could ultimately ruin your life (melodramatic?)

  • Workout
I read an article that suggested that working out in advance before your exams could help your performance. Moreover, it's a huge stress reliever. Basically there's no downside to this. All that can happen are good things so you have no excuse. Don't try to give me the 'I don't have enough time' crap, I know you can make time!

  • Get motivated
Pretty obvious thing but it can be shocking how easy it is to forget why you're doing the exams. When I'm revising and I'm in a 'I don't give a tiny rats ass' mood, I remind myself why I'm revising and how this is going to affect my future! You can even watch people opening their results on YouTube, it seems strange but it makes you want to do well.

Those are all the ones I can think of but if you have anymore don't hesitate to post it in the comments.


Thanks for reading!

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