Sunday, 22 April 2012

What I Got In The Mail?!

Don't mind the white scribbles, just don't want to share my safe haven!
Okay, so don't judge me! I love this movie and it was really cheap on That's Entertainment!

My true love, once again from That's Entertainment.

H&M Skirt which was on sale (score)! It's more of a navy in real life..and less glittery. The pains with flash eh?

I'm already almost finished! Just a good read! And on sale on

So my stuff came in the mail this week. All a little late but at least they came in a bunch. I promise I wasn't paid to promote any companies mentioned on here, just reading the captions, it makes it sound so.

This is my last 'splurge', I guess you could call it, for a while. I seriously need to start saving now, I have very limited source of income and I need to learn to love what I have and stop thinking I can be a big spender, you're only a big spender if you have spends to be big with...I unfortunatly don't. Although I will lurk near car-boot sales and charity shops, maybe if I wish upon a star, as dreamers do, something amazing will fall out of the sky!

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