Saturday, 7 April 2012

Where Are You Veronica Mars?!

Oh Veronica Mars, you sassy vixen. Why will I only ever know 3 years of your life, it seems our relationship will forever be at a moot point!

Who is Veronica Mars, you may be thinking. Well, in response to your question, I express a little disappointment towards you, pity and understanding. Firstly, I hang my head in shame that you are not even aware of this physical piece of perfection and I feel a little bad for you, however I understand, Veronica Mars is underrated, most gems tend to be...

However, if you are understand me when I say, Veronica Mars, she's a marshmallow, I welcome you my fellow fiend (geddit?) and I have great respect for your media taste and I hope we band together in our goal to make the world believe on our beloved Veronica Mars.

So what the frack is Veronica Mars? Well, you sheltered one, it is about a teenage girl (Kristen Bell) who strives along side her dad, Keith (Enrico Colantoni) in their private investigation business. Each season (unfortunately only three) brings a new crime that brings each episode closer to uncovering the truth. Veronica Mars isn't your average girl, she's Veronica Mars living in Neptune. The Mars family are galaxies apart from Neptune.

So why does this piece of gold hold a place so close to my heart. It's Rob Thomas, the little genius, the writing is witty, sassy and hold a word that should not be used lightly, epicness, something you very rarely see in TV nowadays. And look at the faces of the cast, how can you not love such a lineup?

(Left to right) Ryan Hansen, Kyle Galner, Tessa Thompson, Kristen Bell, Enrico Colantoni, Percy Daggs III, Jason Dohring and Francis Capra.
Veronica Mars is one of those shows that make you smarter when you watch it. With each episode I watch, I can feel my IQ rising with Kristen Bell's smart-ass remarks! I sometimes find myself just regurgitating what she says in daily conversation.

Oh, stop it you!

Reasons to watch Veronica Mars

  1. The more recognition it gets, hopefully the more likely that a Veronica Mars movie or new series will be made. The fans are on board and so are the cast, the only ones left to convince are CW. We have to prove that enough people want more Ronnie Mars!
  2. As said before, it will literally make you smarter (unless you're a lost cause). Just watch it and you will be able to complete addition and multiplication faster. If no positive results are obtained, at least you were entertained, I hold no responsibility for any disappointment, cleverness wise.
  3. How would you rather be spending your time? Completing your life goals? Revision? No. You would rather be watching Veronica Mars...capiche? 
  4. One of these days, Veronica Mars is gonna be big, do you want to be the person who had the good sense to figure out it's awesomeness before?
  5. Every single character is amazing. Every one of them. They are so well written and developed that you will hold a place for them so dear to you that not even your family does.
  6. If you're into fashion, you'll swoon over Veronica's wardrobe. Strangely, although she's supposed to be poor, she has quite an expensive and pricey wardrobe. Hmmm...
  7. LoVe. Logan and Veronica. Match made in a slightly questionable heaven but heaven no less.
  8. Enrico Colantoni makes me wish sometimes he was my father. He's a cool dad ya see!
  9. Everyone wants a hip best friend like Wallace Fennel and his obsession with snickerdoodles.
  10. All the ways in which Veronica meddles and commits felonies gives us all more ways to meddle and break into places and commit felonies without getting caught and beaten up.
Once you have watched at least one episode, please come back and do tell what you think. We'll be waiting. Here's a little preview for ya...

Thanks for reading

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