Friday, 6 April 2012

Why the Hate for Lana Del Rey?

So Lana Del Rey...I had no idea who this chick was until I heard my friend talking about how much she loved her, because you see I don't really listen to chart's just too mainstream. I decided to YouTube it as anyone would do and I listened to 'Born To Die'. Now this was a beautiful voice and I fell in love instantly. I then went on to listen to Video Games and Blue Jeans and thought 'hey, this girl is really talented'.

Lana fascinated me, she had such an unusual and beautiful voice, described as a 'Gangsta Nancy Sinatra'. Then, while Google-ing lovely Lana Del Rey, I came across some articles that didn't quite praise her. There seemed to be a lot of hate and I had no clue why, I was then directed towards her SNL performance.

It was quite bad. I'm not going to lie. I wanted this to be just a one-time bad performance, so I searched more of her live performances and I found better ones but they weren't that good. I had lost hope. I wanted Lana Del Rey to be just as good live as she was in the recording studio...then I found this...

What I realised was that her voice became so much better in small crowds. She's obviously nervous performing, I get nervous speaking in front of my class. Watching interviews with her, it's clear that she's quite shy so I don't blame her for her bad performances. She'll improve as she becomes less 'new'! I just feel so bad for her, all these hater comments are doubtfully going to help Lana's self confidence and performance value in big crowds.

Surprisingly for me, the album 'Born to Die' didn't get a whole lot of great reviews. Jon Caramanica from The New York Times wrote 
"This is album as anticlimax, the period that ends the essay, not the beginning of a new paragraph"
I genuinely thought, although she may be bad live, her unique voice and lyrics on her album would blow that out of the water. Yeah...not the case...

I did some research and a lot of hate comes from the fact that her lips are less than 'usual'. A great portion of that hate comes from indies and hipsters. They claim that she is 'unauthentic' and 'artificial'. Other's also believe that she's just a product of the media, by giving her the name 'Lana Del Rey' from Lizzy Grant (her original name), it's shows that she's just expected to be loved and it hasn't allowed for a proper fan base to be built. Okay, so I get why people would dislike her, but to hate her seems a bit extreme, especially for someone who's just came into the big-time music scene!

So what do you think of dear old Lana Del Rey, do you hate her? If so, please share why, I get why people dislike her but I don't understand why hate! It seems a bit overboard!

Thanks for reading!

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